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Hilary Jane Grosskopf founded Awake Leadership Solutions in 2017 to educate and inspire leaders seeking ethical, mindful, and creative leadership practices. Awake Leadership Solutions provides content and programming for leaders of all levels. Our goal is to help driven leaders and growing teams to achieve objectives efficiently and enjoy the process and results of working. 

A Mindful yet Practical Approach…

The Awake Leadership Solutions approach helps leaders cultivate a mindful yet action-oriented leadership style.

Learn essential systems and soulful guidance for leading successfully.

Our guidebooks, workshops, and articles provide immediately useful tools and techniques for leaders, team members, and students.

… for Creative Leaders.

Learn to lead authentically. Leverage your interests and strengths.

Learn to take ownership of your work to find your purpose.

Make your unique impact on your organization and on the world.

Learn to Enjoy the Process…

Find your solo practices that fuel your best work.

Learn how to keep your team aligned and engaged.

Navigate team dynamics and office culture with more ease.

Learn to lead by example and contribute to a thriving

… and the Results of Working and Leading.

Achieve your objectives more efficiently.

Cultivate greater confidence and genuine connections.

Celebrate individual and collective progress.

Enjoy better health and true work-life integration.

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About Hilary, Founder of Awake Leadership Solutions

Hilary is a leadership strategist, writer, and yoga teacher. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hilary received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Hilary has always loved systems thinking and problem solving. After engineering school, she started her career as an engineer in supply chain and logistics in the retail industry at large corporations including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Restoration Hardware. As a leader of teams within large corporations, she realized that leadership is often the hardest part of work for many people. Lack of vision, lack of interpersonal skills, and lack of opportunities for personal and professional growth often got in the way of connection and progress. Through experience and observation, she started seeking solutions to the tough leadership, collaboration, and career challenges facing modern business leaders.

While studying engineering and working in the corporate world, Hilary was fortunate to find yoga. Yoga served as an outlet and powerful practice that helped to relieve her day-to-day stress, connect to her purpose, and build genuine relationships with other people. Surprisingly, yoga philosophy was very applicable in her day-to-day work for both personal self-care and collaboration with others. She began teaching yoga in 2012 and took her first trip to India with Joan Hyman in 2016. She has since traveled to India five times for yoga training, leadership consulting work, and personal travel. Yoga philosophy serves as inspiration for Hilary’s approach to leadership and the systems she designs for working leaders. Hilary is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) with certifications in Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Therapeutics from Yoga Tree in San Francisco. From yoga practice and study, Hilary soon realized that leadership and personal growth go hand-in-hand; that everyone, in any position, within any organization has a responsibility to act as a leader at work and in life.

As a leader, Hilary used her education in systems and yoga, as well as her leadership experience to develop practical yet soulful systems and interactive exercises for leadership and collaboration. From yoga, she learned that action is needed to really understand something – so exercises are essential when building leadership skills and practices that serve. Some exercises are for the leader individually, to clarify the work and team vision in a creative, focused way. Others are exercises for onboarding team members, team building, team alignment, and team bonding. Using the exercises she developed in action, she saw her team become more productive and more engaged at work. They enjoyed the process of working as much as the results. She soon heard and saw the need for helping more leaders learn practical and impactful leadership techniques, soft skills, and mindful leadership practices.

Hilary started Awake Leadership Solutions in 2017 to educate and inspire leaders seeking ethical, mindful, and creative leadership practices for work and life. She helps leaders and aspiring leaders to cultivate a mindset and practices that allow them to enjoy the process and the results of working and to forge a career full of abundance, creativity, and freedom. She has written two interactive guidebooks for leadership that contain her systems and exercises: Awake Leadership and Awake EthicsAwake Leadership is a system of seven vitals for leading with a balance of clarity and creative freedom. Awake Ethics is a system of ten principles for leaders seeking a language for ethical action. Both systems are presented with stories from the field and interactive exercises for putting the concepts into action. Both books have been awarded indie books awards; Awake Ethics won the Indie Discovery Award in the How-To category and Awake Leadership was a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards in the Leadership category.

Hilary is currently based in the Bay Area in California and travels around the world to support leaders and organizations. She is always eager to lead workshops or speak at organizations that value professional development, personal growth, leadership, and creativity. Her writing has been featured on FastCompany, ChangeThis, MindBodyGreen, and other prominent publications. She also hosts her own Awake Leadership Solutions publication.

Please reach out to Hilary to schedule a workshop, inquire about media, ask questions, or give feedback.


Hilary’s Official Bio

Hilary Jane Grosskopf is a leadership strategist, writer, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur. She holds her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Hilary started her career in retail supply chain at large corporations like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Restoration Hardware. After realizing that many leaders at all levels lack the action-oriented guidance and exercises they need to truly take the lead successfully, she wrote and published her first guidebook, Awake Leadership: a system for leading with clarity and creativity. Hilary started Awake Leadership Solutions in 2017 to educate and inspire leaders seeking more mindful, ethical, and creative leadership practices. She gives workshops, speaks, and coaches leaders and teams around the world. Her writing has been featured in publications including Fast Company, Leader to Leader, and Training Industry. 

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