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We show leaders and learning professionals how to think about leadership in new ways. Inspired by yoga philosophy, systems thinking, and mind mapping, Hilary Grosskopf founded Awake Leadership Solutions in 2017 to share her unique approach and practical exercises for leadership. 
Our mission is to help leaders and teams achieve objectives with more ease and efficiency. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the process and results of working. Check out our award-winning books, programs, and free resources to stay inspired! 

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About Hilary, Founder of Awake Leadership Solutions

Hilary is a leadership strategist, award-winning author, and yoga teacher. She integrates her experience in the modern working world with her knowledge of yoga to produce original content for learning professionals.

During her early career, Hilary led projects and teams within large corporations including Urban Outfitters (URBN) and Restoration Hardware. Hilary quickly realized that leadership is often the hardest part of working in any kind of organization. As a systems thinker and yoga teacher, she developed solutions to her own obstacles as a leader and other tough challenges facing modern leaders at work. She shares her solutions through exercises and guidance found in her books and articles.

Hilary received her degrees in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. Her love of systems, creativity, and design led her to an early professional career in the corporate retail industry. She is also a professional yoga teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. She earned her 500-hour RYT certification from Yoga Tree in San Francisco, CA. Hilary teaches vinyasa yoga inspired by the Ashtanga yoga system and she has also studied Yoga Therapeutics and Vipassana mediation. During her yoga practice and study, she realized that leadership development and personal growth go hand-in-hand.

After writing for many years for her own personal growth, Hilary published her leadership guidebooks, Awake Leadership and Awake Ethics in 2018. Awake Leadership is inspired by the Chakra system and is best-known for first introducing a powerful exercise called Role Mapping. Awake Ethics is based on the Yamas and Niyamas from yoga philosophy and it won the Indie Reader Discovery Award in 2019. Hilary’s writing has also been featured on FastCompany, ChangeThis, MindBodyGreen, and other prominent publications. She hosts her own Awake Leadership Solutions publication as well on Medium.com.

Hilary lives outside of her hometown of Philadelphia, PA with her fiancee Sumit and her dachshund named Dora. She travels around the world to speak and host events. Hilary is always eager to speak at organizations that value professional development, personal growth, leadership, and creativity.

Please reach out to Hilary to schedule a workshop, inquire about media, ask questions, or give feedback!

Hilary’s Official Bio

Hilary Jane Grosskopf is a leadership strategist, writer, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur. She holds her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Hilary started her career in retail supply chain at large corporations like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Restoration Hardware. After realizing that many leaders at all levels lack the action-oriented guidance and exercises they need to truly take the lead successfully, she wrote and published her first guidebook, Awake Leadership: a system for leading with clarity and creativity. Hilary started Awake Leadership Solutions in 2017 to educate and inspire leaders seeking more mindful, ethical, and creative leadership practices. She gives workshops, speaks, and coaches leaders and teams around the world. Her writing has been featured in publications including Fast Company, Leader to Leader, and Training Industry. 

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