About Awake Leadership Solutions



The mission of Awake Leadership Solutions is to educate and inspire leaders seeking more ethical, mindful, and creative leadership practices.



Interactive guidebooks, group workshops, coaching, and speaking.



Improve productivity (learn techniques to work smarter not harder), build higher energy, lower stress, gain clarity & confidence, build a positive team culture, and improve interpersonal skills.



Ethics, mindfulness, simplicity, creativity, authenticity, and freedom.


About Hilary, Founder of Awake Leadership Solutions 

Originally from Philadelphia, Hilary received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. She started her career as an engineer in supply chain and logistics in the retail industry at large corporations including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Restoration Hardware. As a leader, she realized that leadership is often the hardest part of work for many people. Lack of vision, lack of interpersonal skills, and lack of opportunities for personal and professional growth often got in the way of connection and progress.

As a leader, Hilary used her education in systems and yoga, as well as her leadership experience to develop practical yet soulful systems and interactive exercises for leadership and collaboration. Some exercises were for her, personally, to clarify the work and team vision in a creative, focused way. Others are exercises for onboarding team members, team building, team alignment, and team bonding. Using the exercises she developed in action, she saw her team become more productive and more engaged at work. They enjoyed the process of working as much as the results. She soon heard and saw the need for helping more leaders develop soft skills and mindful leadership practices.

Hilary started her business in 2017, focused on helping innovative leaders and companies develop tools and skills for better productivity, personal and professional development, and human-centered collaboration. Hilary started Awake Leadership Solutions to educate and inspire leaders seeking more ethical, mindful, and creative leadership practices for work and life. She has written two interactive guidebooks for leadership that contain her systems and exercises: Awake Leadership and Awake Ethics. Awake Leadership is a system of seven vitals for leading with a balance of clarity and creative freedom. Awake Ethics is a system of ten principles for leaders seeking a language for ethical action. Both systems are presented with stories from the field and interactive exercises.

Hilary is based in the Bay Area in California and travels around the world to lead workshops, speak, and coach leaders on innovative human-centered leadership practices. She is always eager to lead workshops or guest speak at organizations that value creativity and mindfulness and want to deepen that value to make genuine connections and exciting progress. Please reach out to Hilary to schedule a workshop, media, or with any questions or feedback: hilary@awakeleadershipsolutions.com.


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