How can you proactively build a team culture that is inclusive, solution-centric, and productive? What are the practices of a leader who successfully brings their whole self to work in a modern business environment?

In the complex world of commerce and business, it’s challenging to make genuine connections with others and truly know the impacts of our actions. We often ask ourselves: How can I act ethically in a given situation despite norms, competition, and pressure? Awake Ethics illustrates how ten ethical principles, when put into practice with individual and team exercises, enable you to make human-centered progress at work and build meaningful connections with others. Whether interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, ignorance, harm to the environment, or lack of personal health and purpose, we all crave more alignment and genuine connection. Through the Awake Ethics stories and exercises, you will learn how to see the universal impacts of your actions and discern how to better align your actions with your core intentions for both peace and progress.

The Awake Ethics guidebook is for:

Aspiring leaders seeking to gain the techniques, mindset, and confidence to step forward and take a leadership position

Rising leaders starting on their leadership journey, seeking to learn essential leadership techniques and mindset for success

Current leaders looking to revitalize their leadership approach and mindset. Leaders seeking to learn how ethics can be applied everyday in business.

The guidebook presents principles and guidance accompanied with exercises for putting the words into action in your daily leadership. This guidebook is for leaders that are introspective and action-oriented.

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