What place do ethics have in modern business?

Why is an understanding of ethics essential for individual and collective progress?

How do we put ethical practices into action amongst the noise of dynamic work environments that often feel void of genuine connections and authentic impact? 

Awake Ethics illustrates how a system of ten ethical principles, when put into practice, enable human-centered progress. In order to successfully lead a team or modern organization, leaders must learn to cultivate both peace and progress. Through stories from the field, writing and discussion prompts, and interactive exercises, learn how to align your actions with your intentions for connection, creativity, and satisfying progress.

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Awake Ethics Leadership Book


All leaders and organizations can benefit from this guidebook by gaining clarity and confidence through a shared understanding and approach to modern business ethics.

Learn how to put ethical practices into action and lead by example. Cultivate a common language of ethics on your team or within your organization. 


Leadership Ethics


Whether you are a founder of a small business, a leader of a team within an organizaiton, or a solo leader of your own work and life, ethics are a fundamental compass for leading your best career and your best life. To lead a team toward success, a common understanding of ethics is the foundation. 


Awake Ethics Leadership Book

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