Do you have the techniques and the mindset you need to take the lead?

How do you keep your team aligned, engaged, and inspired?


Awake Leadership presents a system of seven vitals with exercises for leading with clarity and creativity.

While other leadership books detail qualities of excellent leaders, this guide shows how to lead through a progression of specific practices and exercises.

Each section of the guidebook contains interactive exercises for putting the seven leadership vitals into action. 


Awake Leadership Book


The Awake Leadership guidebook is for 


Aspiring leaders seeking to gain the techniques, mindset, and confidence to step forward and take a leadership position

Rising leaders starting on their leadership journey, seeking to learn essential leadership techniques and mindset for success 

Current leaders looking to revitalize their leadership approach and skill set


Take the lead of your work, your career, your team, and your life.

Enjoy the process and the results. 




Start your journey up the spiral staircase of Awake Leadership.

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Awake Leadership Reader Reviews


“This is a great book for anyone looking for actionable advice on how to manage a team in a fast paced environment.”


“As someone young in their career and aspiring to be a leader, I found this book to be very helpful in visualizing how to manage as a leader.”


“There are no buzz words or fads; rather, the exercises and examples were insightful and something I can immediately apply at work.”


“This book helps create order from the chaos.”


“Must have guide for all conscious companies and leaders.”


“This book’s holistic approach to leadership is both thorough and inspiring.”


“Having recently transitioned into a leadership role, “Awake Leadership” came into my life at the perfect time with its introspective, thought-provoking content. The author’s exercises and examples incorporate modern-day approaches to leadership where empathy, flexibility, and collaboration reign. The message of this book is relevant for both rookie and seasoned leaders alike by providing invaluable insight into how to work with and motivate your direct reports and those around you. The book itself instills positive energy as you read – from fun and interesting notes, tips, and asides, to the bright colors and graphics, to the logical and organized layout and flow. This is a must-have for leaders looking to hone their skills and get inspired to build cohesion for productivity and harmony. Highly recommended!”


“As an educator, manager, and leadership team member this is slowly but surely becoming my go to text. Anyone who manages or works alongside millennials must read this book.”


“a fresh step-by-step approach with interactive exercises and insights that can help today’s leaders develop their authentic leadership style and uncover strengths they didn’t know they possessed. ”


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