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Do you have the techniques and the mindset you need to take the lead? How do you keep your team aligned, engaged, and inspired? Awake Leadership presents a system of seven vitals with exercises for leading with clarity and creativity. While other leadership books detail qualities of excellent leaders, this guide shows how to lead through a progression of specific practices and exercises. Each section of the guidebook contains interactive exercises for putting the seven leadership vitals into action. Awake Leadership provides aspiring and rising leaders with the foundation they need to start their leadership journey. The guidebook gives current leaders guidance and actions for revitalizing their leadership to better align and motivate a team. Take the lead of your work, your career, your team, and your life. Enjoy the process and the results of working with your team.

Awake Leadership guidebook is for:

Aspiring leaders seeking to gain the techniques, mindset, and confidence to step forward and take a leadership position

Rising leaders seeking to learn essential leadership techniques and guidance for embarking on their leadership journey

Current leaders looking to revitalize their leadership approach and skill set

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