Leadership Skills: Translating Values into Actions

Awake Leadership Solutions is two years old this month! As we enter our third year, we’re reflecting on our values and an essential question for many companies: How do you make sure your values are reflected in the actions of your team? How do you ensure your values system is really serving a purpose?

A World Without Ethics

We usually think about ethics as big stuff, like stealing something, invading someone’s privacy, or threatening someone. However, ethics come into play in every action and every decision we make, every day. What has been largely overlooked are the subtle interpersonal and personal actions that eventually lead to larger consequences for individuals and organizations.

Three Things Most People Don’t Realize About Ethics

We are at a pivotal point in our history where our collective and individual freedom has been compromised by a lack of focus on ethics. There is a need for a common language and collective understanding of ethics more than ever before. Three things we often don’t realize about ethics hold us back from peace and potential.

A Missing Piece of the Leadership Puzzle: A Common Language for Ethics in Business

It’s not just essential to design your own ethical system for your team or organization but to have an ethical system and language that spans across organizations and industries. This change has to begin with leaders that are interested in ethics and see the value of a common language of ethics.

Align Your Actions with Your Core Intentions

Part of leading rather than following is bringing awareness to actions and leadership habits that do not foster peace and engagement on the part of the whole and the part of individuals. There is always a way to drive progress while making the process clear and enjoyable for the team members involved. In this blog, I’ll detail three ways that you can begin to change how you lead your team in order to cultivate both peace and progress. These three changes to how you lead can make a huge positive impact on the progress and engagement of your team.

The Foundation of Successful Leadership

We are all always changing and evolving – even the most seasoned of leaders. As the environment and conditions around us change (which is always happening), we change, too. Great leaders are self-aware because they continuously practice Self-Study.

Pairs of Unlikely Compliments: Compassion and Competition

Two weeks ago, I saw Vincente Fox speak about qualities of strong modern leaders. He mentioned many qualities but two that he mentioned seemed very conflicting, until I listened and thought about it more.

Learning the Deeper Whys Through the How

Flipping through my notebooks this week, I came across a quote I wrote down last year that resonated with me as a leader and team member: “You must know “why” before you can know “how,” but as you are learning the “whys”, you must constantly practice the “hows.” – Steven Stipelman This quote is from … Continue reading Learning the Deeper Whys Through the How