Learning the Deeper Whys Through the How

Flipping through my notebooks this week, I came across a quote I wrote down last year that resonated with me as a leader and team member: “You must know “why” before you can know “how,” but as you are learning the “whys”, you must constantly practice the “hows.” – Steven Stipelman This quote is from […]

Turn Your Chair to Create Opportunity and Experiences

I don’t watch a lot of TV but The Voice is a show I follow closely. It’s the heat of the season right now, so it’s on my mind and my screen. To some, The Voice might seem like another competitive performance show (and it is) but there is a powerful metaphor that applies to […]

The Art of Creating Original Work and Ideas

This past weekend I went to see the Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit at MOMA with friends. The exhibit follows Diebenkorn’s progression from his early career through his latest work. Throughout the exhibit, Matisse’s paintings are placed next to Diebenkorn’s, showing how Matisse influenced Diebenkorn’s work. I love art but the relationship between Matisse and Diebenkorn was most […]

Power of Slow, Power of Soft Skills

  I recently read an interview between Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Grant on why we shouldn’t value speed over power. I loved reading through this interview and I agree with much of Gladwell’s reasoning. Because of my work experience and writing about the importance of balancing hard and soft skill sets, the final question of […]