Leadership Coaching

Leading a small business or startup involves often complex decisions about the business and the people involved. Partnering with someone experienced, unbiased, and recently involved in the field to talk through leadership challenges and strategy on a regular basis sets a strong foundation for your team or organization. Focused, clear direction and positive vibes must come from the top-level leadership for the business and the team to succeed. My background in leadership, project management, and business helps me to help you reach your objectives while building a positive team culture. I work with small business owners and startup founders around the world.


Benefits of Leadership Coaching for Business Owners and Founders 

  • Keep focus on your key objectives to reach your goals
  • Build an authentic, healthy team culture
  • Reduce attrition (increase retention)
  • Reduce stress


How it Works

Choose one of four focus areas to start with

  • Goal Setting / Vision Planning
  • Team Building and Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Legacy


We meet on a weekly basis over the phone or video call at a regular time that works for your schedule. In our first session, we set specific objectives to work toward for both quick-win progress and sustainable long-term success.



First set of 5 sessions on a weekly basis: $1,000

First set of 10 sessions on a weekly basis: $1,600

After our first set of sessions, we customize your plan from there at $150 per session. See FAQ for discounts and special pricing I offer.


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Where do you work from?

I work from Marin County in California, outside of San Francisco. I travel periodically but remain accessible unless I notify clients prior.


How do you communicate with coaching clients?

For our call sessions, I use Google Hangouts, Skype, or any other conferencing service you may have and prefer.

I am also available via e-mail, WhatsApp, and via text message between calls.

We will establish our preferred means of communication on our introductory call.


Will you travel to meet with me in person? 

We can do all of our sessions remotely, over video call or phone. However, I do visit leaders I work with to do in-person sessions on a case-by-case basis. I enjoy visiting leaders to form an in-person connection. I believe it does add value to our work together.


Can we focus on more than 1 of the 4 focus areas at one time?

I prefer we begin with one, which you will specify in the contact form. However, we can of course branch into others and touch on all of them at some point while working together. It’s all connected and as your needs change, we’ll customize our work.


How long have you been coaching? What types of leaders have you coached?

I have been officially coaching leaders since just after I started my business in February 2017.


You seem very young. Why are you qualified to coach me? 

Throughout my 10-year career so far, I have worked with managers, directors, founders, and C-level leaders. I have been in operational team members roles as well as leadership roles. I have a broad perspective and empathy for people from entry level to top-level roles. I have worked with individuals and teams across a wide variety of industries including retail, tech, logistics, travel, and wellness.  From working with a variety of leaders within organizations and as a coach/consultant, I understand the complex challenges that arise and often need in-depth, custom solutions that solve the problem and don’t overcomplicate it. Leaders must make vital decisions everyday. I love to listen, provide my perspective, and work through challenges together that offer the best, optimal solution for all people involved.

As a relatively young founder, I have recent experience in the field as both a team member and leader. I have an abundance of energy and passion for what I do. My dedication is deep and focused. I genuinely want to see organizations that have meaningful missions, sincere leadership, and dedicated teams thrive. My job is not to change you as a leader but to help remove obstacles and blind spots, develop solutions, and awaken your full potential.


Why do I need to purchase a package of 5 or 10 sessions first? Why can’t we do session by session?

I require that all first-time coaching clients purchase either a 5 or 10 session package to start with because to really make an impact in the area of your choice, we need more than one session. The first three sessions are a progression of sessions to really get to know you, as well as the core objectives and challenges. We evolve our work from there.


What are the special discounts and special rates you offer? 

I offer a discount if I am coaching more than one leader in an organization. If two or more leaders in the same organization purchase a coaching package, each package and/or session will be 20% off the regular price.


What if I need to cancel the package mid-way through?  

Before starting work together, I provide a short, simple contract and we agree on all pricing and terms so there are no surprises. As with all of my services, 50% of the cost is due when we confirm that we’ll work together and 50% is due after we complete our first set of sessions.

After the first set of sessions, the $150 per session will be due within one week after each session.


More questions? Contact Hilary.