I consult for small business and startup teams. My expertise is in process improvement, tools selection, vision planning, and competitive analysis.

My background in project management, leadership, operations, and business strategy helps me to help you evolve and grow your business. I simplify complexity. I create space and clarity. I don’t mind digging into old, complex processes in order to refine and streamline for your next level of growth.

My methodology is different from Fortune 500 consulting firms in that I do not operate in a silo. I work on projects alongside leaders and team members within the organization so they understand my approach, understand the results, and learn through osmosis. We collaborate on what will truly work for your business in action and I remain available after the project to follow through on making sure the results are fruitful. I am also different from traditional, large consulting firms in that I charge affordable prices for growing businesses. I strive to be flexible, transparent, and personal with each unique team I work with.  Learn more about my experience on LinkedIn.


Benefits of Business Development Consulting with Hilary

  • Optimize processes that are cumbersome or outdated. Save time, cost and stress
  • Select tools that make results equal in quality but make processes more optimal
  • Identify what truly differentiates your produtcs, services, or methodology from other businesses or organizations in the space
  • Clearly plan and articulate your Vision
  • Identfy your key objectives and reach them with more efficiency and enthusiasm


How it Works

Choose one of four focus areas to start with

  • Process improvement
  • Tool selection
  • Differentiation and Competitive Analysis
  • Vision Planning and Setting Objectives



Pricing for consulting services is variable since projects have a wide range of involvement and scope specifications. I charge on a project basis. The price of a project depends on the scope of the project (that we map out on our two introduction calls before any work begins), the time period, and the travel involved. I have a very simple consulting contract that I customize for each team and project.


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What types of businesses do you work with? 

I work with a wide range of businesses accross industries. Industries I have the most experience with are:

  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Yoga Studios


What are recent projects you have worked on? 

Competitive Analyses: The most in-demand project I do is Competitive Analyses. An in-depth but concise Competitive Analysis is a great way to gather ideas, see how you differentiate from others, strategize, and improve your offering. I love to help businesses identify their core differentiation, collect ideas, and set themselves apart. I have a signature approach and competitive analysis product. I normally do competitive analysis for businesses on a quarterly basis to provide information and ideas that allow the business to continuously improve.

Vision and Goal Planning: The second most in-demand type of project I do is to help team plan their annual and quarterly goals. Focus is key in dynamic, growing organizations and I serve as a platform for helping business leaders hone in on what the core objectives are and how to align the team around the goals.

Project Planning & Management: I have project planned and managed projects that save time, money, and make collaboration more seamless, including:

  • Planning and implementation of new product launches
  • Planning and implementation of data management systems
  • Optimization of key operational processes
  • Optimization of processes for launch new website features
  • Optimization of processes for tracking leads
  • Planning and implementation of systems to automate emails and client communications
  • Design and building of data dashboards
  • Design and building of customer surveys and mechanisms for collecting  and analyzing feedback


Where do you work from? 

I work from Marin County in California, just north of San Francisco.


More questions? Contact Hilary.