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I lead workshops for special events, conferences, leadership off-sites, and private on-site visits. I currently offer four workshops: Mind Mapping for Leaders, Creative Team Building, Power of Visual Communication, and Modern Ethics for Strong LeadershipAwake Leadership Solutions workshops are like “leadership labs”. The workshops are based on original concepts I developed and used with my teams in a variety of organizations. In the workshops, participants learn through an introduction to the concepts, followed by discussion and interactive exercises. Awake workshops emphasize building leadership skills, enhancing creativity, and conscious collaboration. I love seeing leaders and aspiring leaders emerge from workshops with new skills and inspiration. 

Workshops can be booked by contacting me, Hilary, directly through the form on the Contact page. I will visit your organization to conduct the workshop and we plan logistics together based on a day and time that works. Read more about the workshops below and see the FAQ and the bottom of each workshop page for more details. 



Mind Mapping for Leaders Workshop

Hilary Grosskopf Mind Mapping Workshop


Mind Mapping is a powerful tool for organization, focus, and collaboration. In this workshop, learn how to use for team vision mapping, project planning, and brainstorming. These three applications will enable you to articulate your vision, clearly communicate, delegate, generate ideas, and plan. Add this valuable skill to your leadership tool belt and emerge a confident mind mapper.

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Creative Exercises to Build and Bond with Your Team

Leadership Workshop


Reinvigorate your leadership! Learn the essential, creative exercises from the Awake guidebooks that focus on team building. Exercises help to build break the ice, build trust, align, and connect with your team away from the screen. Emerge with new, creative ways to engage your team day-to-day.






The Power of Visual Communication and Conceptual Design



In this workshop, learn how using visual communication techniques and tools can enhance collaboration between leaders and team members, project teams, and organizations as a whole. Leaders that leverage the power of visual communication can more clearly and efficiently align with and engage the team. Emerge from this workshop with simple, creative techniques and ideas for communication.




Awake Ethics for Strong Leadership Workshop

Awake Ethics workshop

Modern leaders must balance peace and progress in order to make sustainable progress and cultivate a thriving team culture. What does modern leadership ethics in practice really look like on a day-to-day basis? In this workshop, learn how an understanding of ethics in action can unleash the full potential of your team. Participants will learn through stories from the field, discussion, and exercises.

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