Awake Ethics Guidebook (Signed)


Learn a system of practices and exercises for improving your mental resilience, building better relationships, and balancing peace and progress at work.

Awake Ethics was the WINNER of the Indie Reader Discovery Award in the How-To Category.

Take the lead at work and align your actions with your core intentions.



What’s included in this product:  Paperback copy of Awake Ethics signed by the author, with IRDA award sticker on the cover. Product will arrive in 5-8 business days.

Book Description: How does an understanding and appreciation for ethics make you a better leader? What are the practices of an ethical leader in modern business? In the complex world of commerce and business, it’s challenging to make genuine connections with others and truly know the impacts of our actions. We often ask ourselves: How can I act ethically in a given situation despite norms, competition, and pressure?

Awake Ethics illustrates how ten ethical principles, when put into practice with individual and team exercises, enable you to make human-centered progress at work and build meaningful connections with others. Whether interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, ignorance, harm to the environment, or lack of personal health and purpose, we all crave more alignment and genuine connection. Through the Awake Ethics stories and exercises, you will learn how to see the universal impacts of your actions and discern how to better align your actions with your core intentions for both peace and progress.

A leader’s actions must align with his or her core intentions in order to inspire a team and make meaningful impact. Without an understanding of and focus on ethics, teams and organizations become stagnant environments of animosity that often fall apart prematurely and have negative effects on individuals and the world at large. Building a career, a team, or an organization without an understanding and appreciation for ethics is like building a skyscraper on a foundation of sand.

The Awake Ethics system is a method for working through limits and shifting your mindset in order to align your actions with your core intentions. Through the stories from the field, prompts, and exercises, learn to cultivate a truly ethical mindset that will set you apart and free you from business regimen and have-to’s in order to find true purpose and connection. This Awake Ethics system is based on an ancient system of philosophy, the Yamas and Niyamas. Interpreted for modern leaders, this system is an integrated approach to leadership, personal growth, and professional development.

Awake Ethics is Hilary Jane Grosskopf’s second interactive guidebook for modern leaders. Whether used at work or in life, these practical ethical principles and creative exercises have the power to transform your career, your life, and your relationships with others and yourself. Learn the language and prepare to lead by example to build a modern tribe of ethical leaders.

Awake Ethics has been praised as the winner of the Indie Reader Discovery Award in the How-To Category. The panel of judges for the Indie Reader Discovery Awards consists of experienced professional publishers and publishing experts.



Awake Ethics was exactly the book I needed this year. I manage a team of several analysts and navigating office politics is an unavoidable and often challenging part of my job. I initially thought this book would help me better navigate office politics. While it definitely did help with that, it also touched so many other areas of my job and life. It really improved my mental game at work and I know I’ll be referencing this book for years to come.” – Christine, Director at Anthropologie, from Ardmore, PA

Awake Ethics is a great and easy read for any emerging leader. This book has had a substantial positive impact on my professional career. As an emerging leader I was too emotionally attached to my professional work and lead to a lot of toxicity. I had several setbacks and I received this book at the right time. The book helped me in defining some of the core principles for myself and I have been getting good results. Some of the big take aways for me personally were Control of Energy, Non-Attachment, and Contentment.” – Barath, Engineer from San Francisco, CA

“Especially at this current time when trust and ethics appear to becoming passé and lost arts, this offers a welcome perspective for bringing integrity to the forefront for large corporations, small businesses or for individuals. As a small business owner and yoga practitioner, I was drawn to Hilary’s use of ancient Indian principles of ethics. The exercises she presents are not only pertinent to the healthy development of a well functioning workplace but can contribute to each individual’s self awareness and connection to the larger whole.” – Terri, Small Business Owner from Philadelphia, PA

Awake Ethics is set as a guide for driving peace and progress in your workplace. In our age of automation and big data, it should be up to each individual employee to really understand how what he/she does affects the greater collective. This is how we can truly ensure that progress also comes with peace. After reading and completing the exercises in the book, I found that it also improved my well-being in my personal life outside the workplace. I would highly recommend reading this book. You will be sure to see positive results quickly!” – Sumit, Senior Product Manager from Larkspur, CA