I’m excited to publish my second leadership guidebook this week: Awake Ethics!

Ethics sounds basic and simple enough; however, in practice, especially in the complex and often competitive environment of business, it can be difficult to determine the most ethical action to take and why.

During my experience in the corporate world, I found that ethical issues and misunderstandings are the most common obstacles to collaboration. A shared understanding of ethics was missing. The solution: Awake Ethics. After much observation and work across many different jobs and many different industries with many different diverse teams, I decided to write the book that I wish I had all along as a leader.

In Awake Ethics, I present a shared language of ethics for rising leaders and business owners. The ten ethical principles, adapted from an ancient ethical system and presented through a modern lens, equip leaders with the tools necessary to transform the way you lead, interact, and feel at work. I analyze why and how contemporary ethical issues like dishonesty, lack of ownership, anger, and lack of discipline are common roadblocks for leaders. I go deep in asking why these ethical issues still exist and are so common in our work environments. I propose solutions, through the principles and stories from my experience, for how rising leaders can overcome these barriers to success. The guidebook is 20% theory about the principles and 80% stories from the field and interactive exercises for putting the principles into action. This shared language of ethics lays the foundation for peace and progress, so you can reach your highest potential with your team.



The most successful leaders cultivate a peaceful work environment for team members while also driving impactful progress. My hope is that all leaders and organizations can benefit from this guidebook by gaining clarity and confidence through a shared understanding and approach to modern business ethics. I illustrated this book too, which is cool.

This guidebook is for anyone interested in modern ethics and seeking how we can all be more ethical toward each other and toward ourselves in order to reach our highest potential. In the coming weeks, I will share more posts related to the book, some exciting new programming, and guidebook discounts for teams and organizations.

xo Hilary

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