Magic of Mind Mapping for Leadership

Mind mapping is a powerful tool we can use as leaders to balance our logical thinking processes with expansive, innovative thinking about how to approach our work. We can also better understand and achieve our objectives with our teams. In this post, I will describe the benefits of mind mapping I have experienced, the key aspects of mind mapping that make it impactful, a how-to guide for getting started, and explained examples.

Learning the Deeper Whys Through the How

Flipping through my notebooks this week, I came across a quote I wrote down last year that resonated with me as a leader and team member: “You must know “why” before you can know “how,” but as you are learning the “whys”, you must constantly practice the “hows.” – Steven Stipelman This quote is from […]

The Art of Creating Original Work and Ideas

This past weekend I went to see the Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit at MOMA with friends. The exhibit follows Diebenkorn’s progression from his early career through his latest work. Throughout the exhibit, Matisse’s paintings are placed next to Diebenkorn’s, showing how Matisse influenced Diebenkorn’s work. I love art but the relationship between Matisse and Diebenkorn was most […]