Workshops for Leaders and Teams
Take your leadership and teamwork to the next level. In-person and online versions are now available for your team event or conference.

Digital Role Mapping Workshop – August 31st 2021

A Role Map is a technique used to clarify, organize, and show the full scope of your role at any point in time. Role Mapping is a powerful technique for leaders, inspired by mind mapping! 

In this 1-hour live Zoom workshop with Hilary, learn how to make your Role Map with MindMeister, clarify your role scope, track your progress, collaborate remotely, and write better job descriptions. 

Creative Team Building

Reinvigorate your leadership and bond with your team!

In this workshop, learn the essential creative exercises from the Awake guidebooks that focus on team building and bonding.

Mind Mapping for Leaders

Mind Mapping is a powerful tool for organization, focus, and collaboration.

In this workshop, learn how to use mind mapping for team vision planning, role clarity, project planning, and brainstorming.


Awake Ethics in Action

Modern leaders must balance peace and progress in order to
build a thriving team culture.

In this workshop, learn how an understanding of ethics in action can unleash the full potential of your team. Practice specific exercises for putting ethical practices into action at work.