Working with a team should be full of satisfying progress and genuine connections everyday. If you’re looking for solutions that will help you lead your work and your team with more ease and enthusiasm, you’re in the right place! Awake Leadership Solutions provides leaders with systems and soulful guidance for leading with clarity and confidence.

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Revitalize and enhance your leadership approach on your own time with our award-winning guidebooks full of essential systems, interactive exercises, and soulful guidance.

Awake Leadership Guidebook

How do you keep your team aligned, engaged, and inspired? Awake Leadership presents a system of seven vitals with exercises for leading with clarity and creativity. Each section of the guidebook contains individual and team exercises for putting the vitals into action. Emerge with the tools you need to enjoy the process and the results of making effective progress with your team.

Awake Ethics Guidebook

How does an understanding and appreciation for ethics make you a better leader? What are the practices of an ethical leader in modern business? Awake Ethics illustrates how ten ethical principles, when put into practice with individual and team exercises, enable you to make human-centered progress and build meaningful connections with others. Learn to balance peace and progress at work and lead by example to build an ethical team culture.


Learn impactful techniques for leadership and collaboration in our original on-site workshops. Put the practical yet creative techniques into practice with your team or peers with interactive exercises.

Creative Team Building

Reinvigorate your leadership and bond with your team!

In this workshop, learn the essential creative exercises from the Awake guidebooks that focus on team building and bonding.

Mind Mapping for Leaders

Mind Mapping is a powerful tool for organization, focus, and collaboration.

In this workshop, learn how to use mind mapping for team vision planning, project planning, and brainstorming.

Awake Ethics in Action

Modern leaders must balance peace and progress in order to build a thriving team culture.

In this workshop, learn how an understanding of ethics in action can unleash the full potential of your team.

The Awake Leadership Solutions Publication

Read our favorite publication articles on for action-oriented solutions and soulful inspiration.

A Leader’s Guide to Role Mapping

How to be Solution Centric

How to Give Positive Acknowledgement to Team Members

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Learn the essential  applicaitons of mind mapping for personal and professional development in our new e-book!

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“I founded Awake Leadership Solutions to give leaders the systems and guidance they need to take the lead successfully. Leadership is something we don’t formally learn in school and it is best learned through practice. However, practical systems, action-oriented guidance, and soulful encouragement help to get started with more ease and enthusiasm.”

~Hilary Grosskopf

Founder of Awake Leadership Solutions